Brian Boru Demo

by Astral Gardens

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    Metal/Rock/Celtic - Here are some rough tracks here for you to have an oul' aural gooks at. Recorded these three songs in drips and drabs over the last year or so - please download , stick 'em on your iPod, tell us what you think and share with your friends.

    We're finally writing some more stuff with an Irish lilt to it, so we're hoping to record these songs put out an EP in the next few months.

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Brian Boru, The Battle of Kadesh and Overload were all recorded in Limerick, Ireland, by the daycent feens known collectively as Astral Gardens, with a little help from other all-round rapid folks like Daithí, Earl, Andre, Doc, The Johnson and Diddles.


released July 7, 2011

Simon Collins - Guitars
Michael Gunning - Drums
Eoghan Ó hIcidhe - Guitars, Vocals
Shane Tighe - Bass

Addition vocals on Brian Boru provided by The Limerick Buckfast Appreciation Club's Male Choir.

Recorded by Astral Gardens

Artwork by Eoin Tomassi.



all rights reserved


Astral Gardens Limerick, Ireland

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Track Name: Brian Boru
Down by where the great, great river winds
Lie the ruins of a fort from ancient times
Times of invaders, times of savage war
And the first king to ever rule them all

And all that are left are stories,
And stories will have to do
Brian Boru

Gone is the brother, who was king of this land
King of Mumha, and king of our clan
But now that I reign, I will take control
Perish those who think that they can opppose.

And all that are left are stories,
And stories will have to do
Brian Boru

Track Name: The Battle of Kadesh
I hear the call, I hear the trumpet screaming in the east
Great walls fall, kowtow to the unseen beast
In the shimmering haze, march across the melting valley floor
Under moonlight gaze, blue sheets of ancient lore
They walk among us now, tongues of flame in their eyes
And if you ever feel in doubt, just cast a cold eye to the skies
But the houses burn silent, and the streets are stained with blood
When the horses come on Allen, will it be a wasted flood?

Stand guard within ear, stare out into eternal space
Hear the words I want to hear, fear what I have to face
In the dying heat, step across the black tar land
With the pounding beat, scmitar in her hands
The pain, the pain, the pain, the pain of my Egyptian victory
Her tears flood her face, this space, my place, my place of recovery
Through the gates of the desert, I carry you to a golden place
Know that this is where I get better in the dusts of open fate

Hey babe, I wanna say, the things that you don't wanna know
Look down, look around, you can but oh don't you know
Friend in need, knows the scene, don't know what to do
Here's the truth, just for you, I'm not sad and hey that'll do

Track Name: Overload
Pinch of the minds I cannot see
I miss the way it used to be
All at once, my head's in a mess
Stay too quiet they get restless
I can lie to anyone but myself
Last track of attack, first form of defence
One is one and two is too much
When I grit my teeth I know I've had enough

Where can I hide?

Up on the high plain, the barren plateau
When you call for help you know you're alone
Got what I wanted now I'm sick of it
Get to throw myself away, bit by bit
It's like a dream that went badly wrong
I can't wake up because I've slept too long
And now I have to sleep for ever more
Fantasy is alright but in reality it's a bore

Where can I hide?